Unofficial Registration of Vehicles Excise Punjab Involved

Unofficial Registration of Vehicles Excise Punjab Involved

Unofficial Registration of Vehicles Excise Punjab Involved: Punjab Excise and Taxation Department presumed converted the department’s software system and made changes to the vehicle records from collective categories.

Involved employees wrongly changed cars into economic vehicle, cars. Those accidental, crashed, robbed and wrongly arranged chassis smuggled on fake registration documents are included in this. Many cases apply in the start of 2017 before the department collected Excise Computer Data was mobilizing. These cases highlighted during a digital audit under which restricted password digital footprint records of the workers involved are being followed.

A notice has been issued in this situation, the Director of the Lahore excise and taxation branch. its a demand for people, with commercial vehicles to get a Punjab Vehicles Inspection and Certification System (VICS) after early registration of their vehicles. According to survey the number of cars register by the category change number in thousands, majority of which belong to the LPT series of vehicles.

A false vehicle registration documents generate for exported or smuggled cars. In cases from Lahore and Attock, the category of sedans vehicles had been changed into a truck, bus and Mazda wagon and pickup truck.

The cheating was accurate with false ID cards, certificates and other documents being apply while making computer entries. These false registration books were used to protect stolen and smuggled commercial vehicles and at the same time, the original engine and chassis number of these vehicles were eliminated and replaced by existing vehicle documents.

Expert confess that the Punjab excise and taxation vehicle digital software in Punjab was not activated in 2017. While changing the category of the ownership of the vehicle registered in another city, the excise department officers do not have full approach to the accurate data related to the vehicle.

The breeches used loopholes to design the false registration document and with the help of digital records, they would detect early model cars expecting their holder wouldn’t do any activity with the excise and taxation department.

General manager at Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Faisal Yousaf told digital software of punjab excise was initially updated in 2006, followed by 2011 and last in 2017. During the last update, the data whole Punjab was activated and the option to change categories was nominating to unique people and each has their own authorized password. On that account those involved employees in this could be prosecuted by matching the digital record of the authorized login details.

Unofficial Registration of Vehicles Excise Punjab Involved

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