US Embassy offer Dedicated Visa Home Delivery in Pakistan

US Embassy offer Dedicated Visa Home Delivery in Pakistan To improve the relationship between Pakistan and Unites States of America U.S embassy plays vital role which is beneficial for dedicated applicants, now U.S embassy introduce new way of visa delivery.

Islamabad Pakistan the U.S Embassy has introduced more facilities for Pakistani visa applicants Which is reliable to facilitate peoples who’s dream to travel USA.

US Embassy offer Dedicated Visa Home Delivery in Pakistan

U.S embassy write in a Twitter post on Wednesday, that the applicants can now receive their visas at their homes, which is called USA home delivery visa by paying a little fee. Dedicate applicants can avail this facility by selecting the premium Visa home delivery’ service option while submitting an online application and receive their passport and visa at home. The charges for this service will be 700 Pakistani rupees.

Previous months, the relationship between Pakistan and the United States have significantly improved, which is reflecting in other fields as well. Just now, the country’s Acting Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Alice Wells, commended the economic reforms efforts by the Pakistani government. Moreover, Pakistan is also seeking United States help to get out of FATF’s greylist.

On the other hand, Pakistan is helping the United States to improve its relationship with Iran and get an honorable exit from Afghanistan which will be help to stop war and better for everyone.

US Embassy offer Dedicated visa home delivery in Pakistan

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