Who is Boss On-Page OR Off-Page SEO | Best Way to Rank your website With SEO

Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO are those methods used to boost your website’s search engine ranking for most popular and most relevant keywords and phrases for maximum exposure of results. The techniques of selecting targeted keyword phrases related to a site, and ensuring that website places in the right results when relating keywords are searched in search engine. Optimization makes pages readable to search engines and emphasizing key topics connected to your content.

Optimization ensures that a website should not become a part of the invisible web. The content of the web not accessible through the search engines. Before web pages can be optimized, research must be done to get idea which keywords to target. This thing covers finding relevant keywords, determining their popularity, finding the density of keywords, accessing the amount of competition, and finally deciding which keywords can be best used with quality content.

There are two forms of SEO:

1. On-Page SEO

2. Off-Page SEO                   

1. ON-Page SEO

ON-page SEO is the actual basic SEO on your page or blog. Search engines look for the prominence and frequency of certain keywords and phrases on many features of your website to rank, tending to rank your website, and assign an appropriate degree of weight accordingly.

 On-Page OR Off-Page SEO | Best Way to Rank your website With SEO

The following are the Key techniques and functions of ON-page SEO:

  1. Title TAG

Title TAG is the most important part on ON-page SEO. It may be closer to the beginning of the title tag, the closer it would, the more weight search engines will assign to it.

  • SEO Friendly URL

Try to avoid ugly URLs like mjin.club/23121028/articles/SEO

You should make your page URL short and keyword rich:


  • Add Modifiers to your Title

Adding modifiers will help you rank your site for long tail versions of your target keyword. Use modifiers like review, best, original etc.

  • Cover you Title in an <h1> Tag

Wrap your Title TAG in <h1> headline TAG. Most platforms add the H1 tag automatically to your blog post title.

Like:                       <h1>On-Page & Off-page SEO</h1>

  • Work with Multimedia

Add pictures, videos, charts and diagrams to enhance capacity of your content. It will reduce bounce rate and increase time on site.

  • Write Sub headings in <h2>

Cover your subheadings in headline TAG <h2>.

Like:       Main heading                    <h1>On-Page & Off-page SEO</h1>

                Sub heading                       <h2>ON-page SEO<h2>

  • Put your keyword in Frist 100 Word

You should put your keyword in first 100 words of your content.

Who is Boss On-Page OR Off-Page SEO | Best Way to Rank your website With SEO
  • Responsive Design of Website

Google in back 2015, started penalizing mobile unfriendly sites. You should use responsive design of your site to make it mobile-friendly.

  • Internal Links

Use 2 to 3 internal links in your content, in every post on your site. You can see internal links example on major content available on internet. Like “Read More”, “Discover More”, and “Contact Us” etc.

  1. Boost up your Site

You should boost your website speed. Google has stated that page loading speed results in ranking of your site. According to a study people don’t re-visit a site that took more longer than 4 seconds to load.

  1. Image Optimization

Images on your site must have their names and should be optimized. Image optimization means that your image name must have keyword. Like: Keyword.png = On-page SEO.png

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